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 the 2020 tour

The American Heroes Golf Tour is a golf league sponsored by the American Heroes Foundation (AHF). American Heroes Foundation is an Arizona based, IRS approved 501(c)3 dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of Military Veterans and First Responders. AHF raises funds, donates dollars, and time to recipient Military Veteran and First Responder physical, mental, and emotional health.

The 2020-2021 season will be limited to Arizona but will expand in years forward.



The American Heroes Golf Tour (AHGT) is open to all amateur Veteran, 1st Responder, and Family Member golfers. During the registration process, please provide complete and accurate membership applications.

Veteran – Anyone who has or is currently serving in the US Military

1st Responder – Any Law Enforcement Officer (Police, FBI, Customs & Border Patrol, Correction Officer, Etc.) Fire Fighter, Paramedic/EMT, 911 Dispatchers, and Medical Responders (Doctor, Nurse, Etc.)

Family Member – Any Family Member of a Vet or 1st Responder (Husband, Wife, Child, Sibling, Father, Mother, Etc.)






Membership in the AHGT allows all members to compete in any AHGT event in any city. We will try to attain discounted practice round rates with our tournament courses for the week before a tournament. Members will receive The Grint Premium Membership (USGA/World Handicap), American Heroes shirt, and other items of AHGT’s choosing.




Members will compete for points to qualify for the annual American Heroes Golf Tour Championship. Date and Location TBD. At the end of the season, the members with the 4 highest point totals, regardless of flight, receive free entry into the championship event. This is to encourage participation throughout the year.




The AHGT HEROES CUP is a 2 - day challenge between Vets and 1st Responders (Field size yet to be determined) for bragging rights. The AHGT Championship Flight Winners will automatically receive entry into the challenge. The remaining field will be determined by season point totals in corresponding flights. AHGT will provide the golf, apparel, & prizes to the participants. At this time; travel and lodging will be the responsibly of the players. 


 about AHF

American Heroes Foundation is driven by a single goal: Provide support to our Vets & 1st Responders. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact in the Veteran and 1st Responder community.

American Heroes Foundation is an Arizona based; IRS approved; 501(c)3 (EIN: 84-4049158).


Mission - We are dedicated to supporting the Health and Wellness of Military Veterans and First Responders.

Vision - Raise funds, donate dollars and time to recipient Military Veteran and First Responder Organizations. The selected organizations will support Veteran and First Responder Physical, Mental, and Emotional health.

Why?? - Our Veterans and First Responders need our support. We have to break the cycle of Suicide, Homelessness, and Helplessness of those who voluntarily and honorably serve to protect us.

Please visit for more information about the 501(c)3.

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  • AHGT Championship
    Longbow Golf Club
    Jun 26, 8:30 AM – Jun 27, 3:30 PM
    Longbow Golf Club, 5601 E Longbow Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85215, USA

AHGT Points Leaders

Chris Herrbach  

Jerry Browning

Steven Monks

Michael Morris

Michael Cde Baca

Joel Pedersen

Rodney Emery

Terry Braun

Nicole Minnick

David Delano

Christopher Wilder

Michael Clancy

Lukas Atkins

Tony Miller

Nathaniel Van Loan

Justin Elliott

Mitch Bryan

Casey Dorrell

Clark Gray

Douglas Vise

Ignacio Jimenez

Zelina Little

Jay Olsen

Paul Thomforde

Charles Adams

Mary Tygart

George Jones

Mark Suchsland

Steven Little

Deen Howes

Chris Zinski

Andrew Smith

Raymond LeBlanc

Ray Nuckoles

Hugo Keyer

Peter Baza

Frank Chavez

Shannon Ritch

Patrick Glynn

Michael Gore

Thomas Casey

Todd Birney

Dave Meyer

Travis Fitzgerald

Robert Rutledge

Corbin Lemon

Juan Ramos

Chris Wesson

Chris Mesa

Shirley Rutledge

Chandler Brown

Rob Staley

Brandon Park

Charles Arlak

Chris Mohrweis

Mikael DuBois

Todd Souza

Zach Younker

Lonnie Wilson

Silvestre Herrera

Marvin Wyatt

Jesse Jimenez

Ernesto Moreno

William Dorman

Bonnie Keyner

Leo Torres

Sean McDermott

Anthony Armbruster

Corina Birney

Ben Acosta

Romaldo Gonzales

John Verdeal

Ardell Deliz

Justin Springer

43  Res 

33  Res

23  Vet

23  Vet

22  Vet

20  Vet Fam

19  Vet

18  Vet

17  Res

16  Vet

14  Vet

14  Vet Fam

14  Vet Fam

13  Vet

12  Vet

12  Vet

12  Vet

11  Res

10  Vet

9    Vet

9    Vet

9    Vet Fam

9    Res

9    Res

8    Vet

8    Vet Fam

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

8    Vet

7    Vet

7    Vet

7    Vet

7    Res Fam

7    Res

6    Vet

6    Vet

6    Vet

6    Vet

6    Vet

6    Vet

5    Vet

5    Vet

5    Vet

5    Vet Fam

4    Vet

4    Vet

4    Vet

4    Res

3    Vet

3    Vet

3    Vet

3    Vet

3    Vet

3    Vet    

3    Vet

3    Res

2    Vet

2    Vet

2    Vet 

2    Res

1    Vet

1    Vet

1    Vet Fam

1    Vet

1    Vet

1    Vet

1    Res

1    Vet Fam



Thanks for submitting!


American Heroes Foundation is an Arizona based; IRS approved; 501(c)3

(EIN: 84-4049158).

For any additional requirements contact:

Chris Herrbach or Chandler Brown,

Directors of Golf